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PPA Beam Tie — For sandwich wall elements

PPA Beam Tie is a single connector used for connecting the inner and outer concrete layer of sandwich wall elements together above the opening lintels or low socle elements. The PPA Beam Tie is used when the height of concrete layers does not allow the use of diagonal ties.

PPA is used in sandwich wall panels where the height of concrete layers does not allow the use of diagonal ties. It can be used together with diagonal ties or independently in window lintels or low socle elements. PPA Beam Ties are most commonly used in sandwich panels with insulation thicknesses of 90–390 mm. The PPA Beam Tie is made of stainless reinforcing steel.

PPA Beam Tie


T* = Recommended Insulation Thickness

Detailed technical information

Comprehensive product information like resistances, required supplementary reinforcement, concrete grades, limitations of use etc. can be found within the Technical Manual. Product details may be country-specific. For design, always use product information that is localized for design's destination country. Country specific Technical Manuals can be found under Design Tools -page, or from website of the country in question.

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