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Seismic-proof bolted column connections – Overview

Depending on the seismic ductility class requirements, the connection can be designed as standard, energy-dissipating, or overdesigned. For medium ductility requirements, Peikko’s HPKM®/HPM-EQ connection is an excellent choice: it enables more slender cross-sections and savings in concrete volumes.


  • Tested, reliable, and safe
  • Fast erection process
  • Completed connection as stiff as a cast-in-situ connection
  • Safe to use in seismic areas
  • 20% smaller cross-sections achievable

Reliable choice for seismic applications

Politecnico di Milano in Italy assessed and studied the ductility, energy dissipation, stiffness, and strength degradation of precast and cast-in-situ specimens under cyclic loading in numerous tests. These tests proved the reliability of Peikko’s HPKM®/HPM-EQ connection in seismic zones. Based on research, Peikko provides design guidelines for seismic bolted column connections so you can ensure that the connection will behave favorably under seismic actions.

Adequate connections without overdesign

Depending on the ductility class requirements, the connection can be designed as standard, energy-dissipating or overdesigned. For medium or high ductility requirements, Peikko’s HPKM®/HPM-EQ connection is an excellent choice.

The main objective in seismic design is to ensure that the building can withstand an earthquake without collapsing. Most design approaches solve this by keeping a certain reserve of strength in the structures. Column connections in an energy-dissipative structure are often overdesigned and oversized, but Peikko’s HPKM®/HPM-EQ connection dissipates energy itself so it can be designed to match the capacity of the column.

How do seismic bolted column connections compare?

Energy-dissipating bolted column connections can lead to up to 20% concrete volume savings in columns in seismic applications. This is due to more slender cross-sections compared to overdesigned and oversized connections.

Most competing systems are also slower to install – they require a large crew and temporary bracing to allow the grout to cure. This leads to unnecessary time loss and unprofitable use of man-power and can affect safety on site.

With Peikko’s bolted column connections, you do not need to design temporary bracing as the connection is instantly moment-resistant. Peikko’s bolted column connections maximize safety and efficiency.

Benefits underground

Compared with connection methods using protruding parts, savings of up to 50% can be made in terms of reduced excavation depth during foundation works and the elimination of temporary bracing during the erection process. In our example case, the anchorage depth of the HPKM®/HPM-EQ column connection is 350 mm compared to 800 mm with protruding bars. This means foundations that are 450 mm shallower and savings in concrete, reinforcement, and excavation works.

White paper

Read our white paper: Bolted Connection for seismic applications

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