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ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement — Effective Rebar Connection for Concrete Structures

ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement is a ready-to-install system for creating stiff concrete casting joints of reinforced concrete elements. ARBOX® can be attached to formwork without having to penetrate or make other adjustments to the formwork. ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement is suitable for creating a wide range of connections, such as wall-to-wall, column-to-wall, and wall-to-slab.

The pre-bent rebars of ARBOX® are hidden in a galvanized steel box and can be straightened when needed. This system increases safety on the construction site and enables fast construction of connections in both cast-in-situ and precast structures.

ARBOX® is designed according to Eurocode. It enables longitudinal and transverse tensile forces and shear forces to be transfered to the joint. 

Based on the required resistance and dimensions, the suitable ARBOX® model can be selected using the tables in the ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement Technical Manual. ARBOX® is available for rebar diameters of 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm.



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