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Raw Materials are too Precious to be Wasted – Overview

Coming up with industrial solutions for dismounting and reusing – while retaining component information and business, economical and market value.

Peikko has always provided a faster, safer and more efficient way to design and build. Many of our solutions are already compatible with circular economy principles. With Peikko, you can meet the environmental demands – and retain the value of building components for rebuilding in the future.

Circle House proving the concept

1:1 demonstrator built in Copenhagen. Full scale housing project is to be built in Aarhus, Denmark, Circle House is a fully circular common residential housing project. Peikko’s circular construction method ensures that the building materials will have a high reuse value in the future.

  • Four types of precast slab and wall elements
  • Simple mechanical connections

Designed for easy assembly in the first place, disassembly, transport, re-design and re-assembly!

Connections by Peikko, architecture by GXN / 3XN, Lendager and Vandkunsten. Groundbreaking full scale in 2020.

Peikko Circular Solutions

Bolting and unbolting makes full size building components circular

HPKM® Column Shoes are used for circular columns and our SUMO® Wall Shoes are used for circular walls. These products features decades in business with a good reputation and a high level of documentation. The bolted connections have now been extended with a robust release system also covering the adjacent reinforcement and a more sophisticated set of grout types and processes to ensure fast, safe and efficient building today – and re-building in the future.

Hybrid construction with DELTABEAM®

With DELTABEAM® we create flexibility, so you can use building materials where they make most sense. DELTABEAM® supports any kind of slab – concrete hollow core, steel, cast in situ or timber – and opens up new architectural horizons in terms of aesthetics, utility and durability with more livable space and reduced emissions.

Lightening environmental footprint with DELTABEAM® Green

We are proudly introducing DELTABEAM® Green with more than 90% of recycled steel.

Minimized material use compared to traditional steel structures. Drastically reduced use of virgin material. Full compatibility with LEED, BREEAM and EPD and highly improved scores for your building project!

Peikko and Circular Economy

The building industry is responsible for major societal impact, with 40% of total energy use and 30% of the global amount of waste. The concrete business has a particularly great responsibility as we account for a large proportion of this.

That is why now have chosen to focus on the environment by converting our products and company strategy to the Circular Economy. We want the building industry to be part of the solution and not the problem.

In our white papers we aim to describe what Peikko has already done, what Peikko is currently involved in, and what Peikko’s long-term aims are in terms of the Circular Economy.

Circular Economy brochure

White Paper: In search of a bright, circular future!

White Paper: Bolted connections for precast structures – enabling circularity without compromising performance

Video: Bolted Connections for Precast Structures - Enabling Circularity Without Compromising Performance

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