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VOLTBOLT® brings strong anchoring to demanding applications

Peikko’s high-strength VOLTBOLT® steel threaded bar is increasingly popular for standard and more challenging anchoring applications, as an anchor bolt or as heavy structural reinforcement.

Construction projects worldwide are benefiting from VOLTBOLT®, which brings high load-bearing capacity to new and existing structures. It can be used as an anchor bolt for example to attach steel to concrete, concrete to concrete and steel to masonry, or as a longitudinal or transverse structural reinforcement. Its vast range of applications include warehouses, halls, bridges, dams, culverts, retaining walls, power plants, and wind turbine foundations. 

VOLTBOLT® is readily available with steel grade 8.8 or 10.9, standard diameters of M30 to M60, and lengths up to 11,900 mm, making it ideal for many loading conditions and applications. The standard thread length is 350 mm on each end of the bolt, and if required other thread lengths can be specified.  

VOLTBOLT® is preassembled with washers and nuts and in accordance with the relevant standards. Options include plastic thread- and water-protection caps, debonding sleeves, and installation templates.

Intended to carry static loads, VOLTBOLT® resists tension, shear and compression. It can be preloaded to restrict structural movement, to achieve post-tensioning in a structural element, or to apply compression force in a structural element for repair and strengthening purposes.

Various optional coatings can enhance protection against abrasion, impact, corrosion and extreme temperatures. Surface treatments include hot-dip galvanizing, zinc ECO galvanizing, Xylan and epoxy powder. Using coupler nuts, VOLTBOLT® is easily extended.     

As with all Peikko products, VOLTBOLT® is designed for fast and safe installation. Peikko’s efficient, effective and reliable products have made it the European market leader in bolted connection systems. 

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