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Peikko’s PSB® Headed Anchors simplify rebar connections

PSB® Headed Anchor reliably anchors steel reinforcing bars – rebars – into concrete, transfers the tensile strength of rebar to concrete, and simplifies installation in congested areas of concrete structures.

PSB® Headed Anchor comprises ribbed bar and a choice of forged anchor heads at one or both ends, enabling users to optimize reinforcement detailing and reduce reinforcement congestion in joint areas.

Due to its design and simplicity, PSB® Headed Anchor can be easily and quickly installed, and without the need for special tools. It can be oriented horizontally or vertically, and generally optimized to the space available. Its design avoids the need for reinforcement loops in detailing areas, and reduces anchoring lengths compared with straight reinforcement.

PSB® Headed Anchor can be used wherever rebar anchorage is needed to improve joint detailing or for easy installation at a construction site. Its many applications in concrete elements include foundation and floor slabs, columns; footings, walls, beams, frame corners and corbels.

PSB® Headed Anchor is ETA (European Technical Assessment) assessed and CE marked. It meets all standards and requirements regarding mechanical, fire and corrosion resistance.

For comprehensive information on PSB® Headed Anchor, including on resistance and all other aspects of performance, materials used, dimensions, concrete grades, and model options, please consult the Peikko Technical Manual.

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A new Peikko White Paper: Headed Anchors - fast, safe, and efficient anchorage to concrete.

In connection with launching a new product, today we also publish a new Peikko White Paper to provide you a deeper view on the topic. Headed anchors offer multiple competitive benefits to other anchoring techniques, less congestion of reinforcement in concrete, and easy installation. This new White Paper, co-authored by Jakub Mecar and Martina Cesneková, presents to you interesting case examples on how Peikko’s Headed anchors can be used to create the most beneficial solutions and applications for your construction projects.

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