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PSB PLUS® Punching Reinforcement — High Capacity Punching Prevention System

New generation punching prevention system for high punching loads. A unique combination of vertical and horizontal studs that allows cost-effectively increasing capacity against punching shear failure of a reinforced concrete slab.

PSB PLUS® system is a combination of vertical PSB® studs with horizontal PSH studs. Compared to a solution with vertical PSB® studs only, the PSB PLUS® system allows achieving higher capacities against punching shear failure. Higher resistances provided by the system enable constructing flat slabs in a greater variety of cases – whether the need is for higher capacities or optimization of structures by making them slimmer and less obtrusive, which will also bring construction material savings.

Together with simple installation of horizontal elements, this system is a cost-efficient and practical solution for flat slabs subjected to extreme requirements.



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